About Us

Grit Happens.

Team History: Grit was founded in 2015, and we are entering our fourth season.

Grit was born out of a strong desire for more opportunities to play competitive women’s ultimate in the Washington, DC area. The team strives to be as competitive and hard-working as possible while still embodying the values of Spirit of the Game and fostering the women’s ultimate community in DC. With a squad of talented players, strong work ethic, and positive team attitude, Grit’s last three seasons have been a wild success Now we’re ready to take on 2018! Grit don’t quit!

Coaches: Sam McClellan and Matt Broaddus

Captains: Becca Arbacher, Sarah “Pitt” Buxbaum, Carolyn Clendenin

Team Goals: Grit is a competitive Top Select women’s club team with a focus on cultivating a positive culture that enables individual and team growth.

Our priorities for this season are:
– Competition and Commitment
– Individual Growth and Improvement
– Community and Fun

Practice and Workout Commitment: 1-2 Practices per week (held on weekends). This will be supplemented optional weekday mini. Grit players are expected to participate in pod workouts once a week as well as track workouts on their own.

2016 Team after winning Sectionals:

2016 Grit Sectionals.jpg

2015 Team after winning Sectionals:

Grit at Sectionals



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